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We are thrilled to introduce you to
SHOW&TELL Family Projects!

Our passion is to make a big deal about God’s love
by creating original works
of theater, music, creative writing, movement and art
that are G-rated and family friendly for both audience and artists.

On the left are some pictures from our most recent production – “GODSPELL”

Camps are right around the corner!  Register online today!  Click the link below https://newsoundworship.wufoo.com/forms/2014-show-tell-summer-musicaldrama-camps/ Camp Show Me! For younger performers (1st-6th grade) July 7-11     (10:00-noon) Camp Jump  Start! For very young performers (4-5-6 year olds) July 7-11     ( 10:00-noon) and Camp Show Case! For older/more experienced performers (Ages 10-21) July 14-18 […] Read more

broadwaybetty-4-by-3    It’s here! It’s funny! 3 Performances only – May 2, 3 & 4.   “Early Entrance Vouchers” are still available at both Coastal Community Bank branches until 5:00 today, May 2.   LOTS of seats are still available for each performance!   PLEASE INVITE YOU FRIENDS! Read more

 “The Offering” An Artistic Gift  AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!  We are excited to bring our community SHOW&TELL’s next project.   “The Offering – An Artistic Gift” will be a live celebration of THANKFULNESS to God using multiple art forms.  The program will incorporate vocal and instrumental music, drama, dance, multi media and visual […] Read more

SHOW&TELL’s Musical Drama Camps will be July 8-12 and July 15-19.   Here is a .pdf that you can download with lots of details and all the needed forms: 2013 Registration & Information CAMP SHOW ME – July 8-12 – 10 a.m.-noon – For younger performers – Creative Dramatics based. CAMP JUMP START – July […] Read more

Here’s a quick update. We have 40+ cast members for “Godspell”. We had our first official rehearsal last night. They are excited and already working hard. It is time to renew our non-profit status. I just finished registering us for the next year with the state Here we go for another year. Thanks for being […] Read more

Godspell-SliderDear Friends of SHOW&TELL Family Projects, The first GROUP AUDITION for “GODSPELL”  is this coming Monday night – February 11. Here is a .pdf that you can download with lots of details and all the needed forms: Godspell Application Packet Please email showandtellfp@gmail.com if you are planning to audition on Monday night.   Also, let me know […] Read more


Godspell-SliderSHOW&TELL Family Projects   Presents “GODSPELL”     “GODSPELL” is a musical that first hit the stage in the early 1970’s.  It uses the gospel of Matthew as the basis for its script. Led by an actor portraying Jesus, the performers act out a contemporary version of many parables interspersed with a wide variety of songs.  The show climaxes with the crucifixion and […] Read more

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